Night Fever 3

The latest publication in the Night Fever series by Frame Publishers takes you on a whirlwind, round-the-world tour of the best in hospitality design, and is an invaluable resource to keep up with the field’s latest trends.

Night Fever 3 presents 129 interiors – restaurants, bars and clubs, and hotels – offering a detailed look at the cutting-edge approach of their creators. Presented in over 600 pages, are a variety of designs, from subtle to stunning, monochromatic to vibrant, and frugal to exorbitant budgets.

Today, designers appreciate a venue’s essence – albiet it the flavours of its menu or the ambiance of its party scene – and incorporate it in the interior, often working with aspects of its setting to create a certain atmosphere. The selected venues featured in Night Fever 3, which all opened within the past three years, including Club Musée design by Parolio & Euphoria Lab.

Night Fever 3 is divided into three sections: restaurants (EAT), bars and clubs (DRINK), and hotels (SLEEP). Each article, lavishly illustrated with outstanding photographs, explains how the design concept was developed and executed. Many articles also feature technical information, like floor plans, sections and sketches, which clarify the design process from concept to execution. Also included is an index of studio profiles and contact details of the featured architects, design studios and brand agencies, making this book an indispensable source of both information and inspiration.

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