Pacha Madrid, circa 1980, is one of the only functionalist and art deco buildings in the city of Madrid. The new image designed by Parolio in 2009 experiments with shapes and materials used in the early 1930´s with a renovated and fresh take, streamlined and dramatic design sense. The outcome is one of Spain’s most incredible venues.

In the lobby, sculptural backlit mirror murals, geometric deco lamps made of glass and mirror, and the floor is completed in black and purple geometric design tiled carpet. Parolio created a design of modular furniture that could be mounted and dismounted easily, and create different shape sodas (??) for different sessions or parties.

Four meter high columns of light and stainless steel, mirror and rgb led lighting décor the space. And one sculptural circular gate that can be lifted of view with motors design with steel, mirror and RGB Led Lighting. The back wall of the VIP area is completed by a design of padded 3D shaped modules. Another VIP space is the main balcony. The main bar is a semi circular shape with a motored rotating centered bottle rack and two additional bars have mini screens for video and advertisement.


Pacha Madrid
Interior Design: Parolio
Photography: Álvaro Villarrubia
Make Up: Lewis Amarante