Style Trend Show 3

Style Trend Show is a sophisticated fashion event created by Parolio and concenctrated towards trend hunting and presenting the proposals of celebrity stylists Carlos Diez Diez, Amparo Utrilla, Paloma Tovar, Fran Marto and Jose Carlos De la Osa, who showed their own and original vision of what´s hot in fashion during each season.

The Style Trend Show is the only event that puts the spot light on stylists who each season select what pieces would make it to the magazines and tv shows dedicated to fashion and trends. For the event Parolio was sponsored with support of The Winenight and BMW.

On the third season of the STS, the show took place on huge circus tent build for event Parolio created a surreal colorful circus inspired décor that made the back drop to models, fashions, elephants, tigers and acrobats.